Halloween 2020

Posted by Maria

This was the first Halloween we have had in our little city apartment. I have to admit, I thought we wouldn’t have any celebrations due to all the stress going on in our lives with my husband switching his method of working and more. The Tax Administration Office has not been very helpful and the Covid isn’t lending its hand to us either by blocking us from going to Israel to take care of things (not that we currently would even have the money to do so anyway).

But low and behold on our Scrap-day when we went to the store a magnificent pumpkin waved at us and we brought it home!

This year we decided to carve up one vegetable (though, in the botanical sense it is a fruit, just like tomatoes) as a collaboration. We had fun on our bathroom floor, talking and laughing, taking turns at mauling the poor pumpkin. Of course, Mr. Vana did the heavy lifting and I swooped in to clean up after his brute-forcing methods.

Having one canvas for our carving made it all the more special for me, I have never once shared with anyone before. We even ended up having a little photo shoot at the end of our session as Mr. Vana got into his artistic mode and went all out with some hand modeling and creepy cuddles with our newly crafted orange child, who was, to say the least, terrified of this turn of events. I only wish we had a better camera for taking photos in the dark.

It also happens that our shopping cycle was set to entrecote and so we had a nice meal during the day, got some rosé wine, and had some nice cookies with our morning coffee. So all and all, even if it is the second year in a row I haven’t been able to go to the Carnival, and even if the corona is trying to spread its wings again, we here at Vana household had an amazing time.

I feel privileged to be able to be reminded that you don’t need all the stuff and things and trips and God knows what to have a pleasant, wonderful holiday. All you need is yourself, an amazing husband that decides to stop working and sanctify the day that is so important to you (or anyone you hold dear really), and the will to make the day something more than just your everyday weekend. 

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2 thoughts on “Halloween 2020

  1. Amethyst

    This is nice and special

    1. Maria

      Mhmm! Was such an amazing deal to carve our little Pumpkin-child together, made it all the more special for us!

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