Valentine’s Day 2020

Posted by Maria

It was a dark and stormy night (well not really) and She was thinking it would be yet another mundane day in this mundane world with the mundane people doing mundane things.

You get it right? My life has been very mundane. All the holidays pretty much just passed by, all the festivals of love and companionship such as Valentine’s Day and anniversaries and whatnot.

Not so much this year.

I got my first actual Valentine’s!

It started with the beloved Mr. V going out and getting things we needed to build a PC, you know the very girly things such as screwdrivers and the things we here in Finland use to make a hole in the ice to go ice fishing (I wonder if that’s now a hobby he is after, he was very curious about those things).

I truly believed there was nothing unusual in the day, just the same old and usual. Oh, how wrong I turned out to be.

This glorious man gets back from his adventure, I say hi but am not really aware of what he is doing all the way to the point when he slaps me with a balloon.

A balloon. Like with helium and shiny heart-shaped and everything!

But wait, there’s more!

I started rummaging through the goodie bag and was faced with this amazing thing called chocolate! And not just any chocolate, it was confectionary ones, hand made with superb quality chocolate and a Himalayan rock salt caramel filling. I mean what on earth, how does someone even find these things?!

But that’s not it either, leave the neatly packed pink chocolates for a moment and look deeper into the bag. He Actually found me vanilla perfume! That stuff is so hard to find where we are I have to hunt it to the end of the world to find just a drop. But here he is, my sweet little brown man offering me this pure vanilla scent. 

I mean hand made quality chocolates and the perfume of her dreams, what else could a woman want. 

A gorgeous collection of flowers that even come in the style I like them, with sharp yet gentle contrasts, seemingly pure in soul. 

He started telling the story of how he had tried for a while to figure out how to sneak out to look for the things, all the while I’m babbling about how I like my sweet orbs of joy to be special and how I’m very specific of this vanilla thing. I mean, I feel deceived! I even kept reminding him of making a reservation if he wants to actually eat out and he was so skilled in hiding his actions that I believed to the last moment that he hadn’t remembered (I’m sorry my love, past worries die hard).

But he did. 

And so, after having a lovely cuddle and grooming session, making ourselves a bit more presentable and pretty, we went out to eat. It was a lovely dinner of entrecote and steak, french toast and chocolate cake. And wine. Don’t forget about the wine.

And then came the other part of the date. The dreaded PC. 

I’m not kidding when I say I am terrified of messing up something with technology (past burdens again does it never end!) but Mr. V was very gracious and patient with me through the whole process that ended somewhere in the night hours after we both had died of mother bird (aka motherboard) fiddling.

But we did get it in the end and it worked from the get-go! One thousand points for team Vana! We know how to build a PC (well, Mr. Vana does anyway) even when the whatever processor with six cores is trying to tell us it needs lube to interact with the cooling system (yes that’s a thing I did not know about, it is not lube though, it’s some sort of a conductive paste)!

And why did we need a second PC?

Well, remember when I told you probably many times that we are gamers? Well, we are not just the kind of gamers that mess around a little bit in CandyCrush, oh no sir we are not!

We dwell in the deep hellholes of MMORPG’s and FPS’s and all these neat things like Divinity Original Sin and hopefully many other games from the amazing Larian Studios, occasionally flirting through Discord and whatever chat channel we happen to have handy to us, though Mr. V was keener on flirting with himself, talking to his own microphone and listening to it through mine!

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