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5 Reasons not to advocate Feminism

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Ah, modern feminism, that thorn that claims to be about equality, yet fails to actually advocate for the rights of all people. While in the past it was sorely needed to pass things such as giving women the right to vote, today feminism has turned into more of an excuse for women to behave poorly and to demand things other’s work incredibly hard to get, as freebies.

 Reason #1: Misandry

The main reason why I can’t follow the ideologies of the misguided extremist women is their unsolicited hatred towards all men. I can understand the cases where someone has been abused, but even then, wouldn’t it be more logical to start hating on that one person and perhaps the people who friend them, rather than the whole gender? It’s like the race wars all over again, where one person does something terrible and the whole group gets categorized.

One of the more talked about traits of the male gender is their sex drive. Somehow it gets the fanatics going, and these days it seems like a guy is truly lucky if he can find a girl that is fine with the sexual nature of beings. When did it become such a crime to desire your lady love? Or to desire ladies in general? I’m so confused by these women claiming that the male sex drive is somehow bad since in my eyes if a guy doesn’t have that drive, they might be in serious trouble. Even with research supporting things like low sex drive being related to low testosterone (which is incremental to men, and talked about in this post for example), it’s somehow being portrayed as the more ‘’right’’ way to be. To me telling men off for their natural state is like telling women to stop being emotional – well shit, it’s not like the amygdala reacts to estrogen and makes it more difficult. Of course, as someone with Borderline, I’m close to being the epitome of female chaos when it comes to mood switches.

Patriarchy, my friend!

While I agree that in the past there was a severe lack of equality for people in general (not just for women, but with people from most minorities), I can’t for the life of me see where the issue is in today’s Western world. Women can do just as much as any guy from the streets, it’s up to them really. There is no conspiracy of men trying to hinder women from getting to high places – they have no need to do such a thing as most of the male population understand that the best person for any job is the best person for it, be it a man or a woman. 

Yet, unsuccessful women harness the power of the ‘’sisterhood’’ to somehow try and make it so that workplaces would have quotas, that men would be shoved under their heels, and to just generally sprinkle seeds of bitter chaos where ever they walk. All of this just feels to me like a sorry attempt at making it everyone else’s fault when someone has lacked the will to make their lives happen. This, unfortunately, takes forms such as Emma Watson’s speech in the UN, which talks about all the things feminists these days try to drive forth, but also claims that ‘’ there is no one country in the world, where all women can expect to receive these rights.” To me, as I live and breathe as a woman in the lovely hand-holding country of Finland, this is just absurd. In my eyes, everyone here receives the respect and opportunities they deserve. If anything, it’s harder for men to deal with things these days, having to walk on eggshells so they don’t piss off a woman who might take their whole life away from them. Do you want to have respect? Be respectable, behave like a human being to another human being. Do you want a better salary? Work jobs that give it, and be qualified for the jobs you want to do. Nobody is stopping us, women, from doing that.

Taking it to the Extreme

Now, in any movement or group, I hate to see it go down the cesspool of extremism. The fundamentalist feminists are typically very loud and band very nicely together to come up with ideas such as the hashtag killallmen on Twitter (yes, that’s a real thing). How is this ok while things like Borderline Personality Disorder get banned on social media platforms? The same obviously goes for the counterpart hashtag, killallwomen. All this hate should be monitored if not banned.

This breeds a question about the mentality of these people. I recently watched this video with Cassie Jayden, and it pictures nicely the indoctrinated mentality in the modern feminist. The one where whatever claim from the male would be responded with an attempt to make into a contest and making women the real victims. The mentality that breeds books like I Hate Men by Pauline Harmange, which somehow tries to hide in bad satire form to keep claiming that misandry and hating men don’t exist and that it might even be a good thing. Excuse me what? Hate is a very real thing.

Reason #2: False claims of equality

Feminism as a movement is already defined by its name, feminism. The hypocrisy of some of the proud sound horns of this movement fails to see that what they demand is not for the betterment of the society as a whole, but instead, its only betterment for them. Or maybe they do know and are just playing a game of money on the sidelines.

One of these misconceptions is that women are not equal in what they can choose as their life’s path. I’ve been watching and listening to the wonderful Mr. Peterson, and I must say, that there should never be such a thing as equality of outcome. I want my doctor to be the best doctor there is, male or female, I don’t want it to be a quota doctor from a tyrannical state. Equality is great, and at least here in Finland women have nothing to cry about, but I’d rather not be a Marxist and make everyone have to be the exact same, without an ounce of individuality. 

When do feminists start protecting men?

Equality, right? That’s what they preach across the board. So when are we going to start taking seriously things like false rape accusations that ruin people’s lives, instead of making it about the tragic experience of rape? Rape is not a joke, of course, but neither is accusing someone false of it. And the weird thing about it is that people are trying to make these things all hush-hush just because they are a minority occurrence. Sound familiar to anybody?

And what about father’s rights? Where is the cry for those that lost their children just because of the bias people seem to have towards the mother? Where is the sense in that? I was absolutely appalled when I went to read about what happens with men when they bring their children to checkups – the inevitable attempt from the nurse to put them down as ‘’it would be best the mother was present’’. This doesn’t seem wrong to you?  

Take this!

Another messed up thing across recent history seems to be the sickening fact that violence against men is not considered as grievous as it is when a woman is a victim. It gets even worse when the assailant is a woman and a man the victim. Men getting beat up by their ladyfriends is often pictured as something amusing, funny even. So what if she slapped you, be a man! Screw that, bro, you slap her back because ain’t nobody got the right to abuse you. 

In this, I would love some true equality. Gone be the days when guys have to go through hoops and loops to make the date lovely for the girl. Gone be the days when a woman can touch the thigh of a man and not get outed as someone who is sexually harassing or assaulting the man. Gone be the days when a woman can keep slapping a man around, even committing crimes at the most heinous levels, and not be punished by it according to the harshness a man would. 

Reason #3: Irrationality

As I’ve gone to research a plethora of videos and discussions on the topic, I find that feminist women rarely come up with rational, logical counterarguments to their claims. Meanwhile, guys seem smart to the point of knowing their stuff so well that they tend to get a bit smartass about it in their victory fumes. 

There is no pay gap

One of the most common arguments of feminism is that women should have equal pay. Well. In Finland at least, they do. I imagine it is so in many other places too. Why are feminists not bring forth anything news after the overwhelming evidence that the choices of women actually make it so that they don’t get the salaries they want? It’s up to you girls. There isn’t any conspiracy out there trying to hinder you, only your own mind. Don’t believe me? There are a ton of top-level scientists, boss ladies, and such around the world. If you lack their ambition and drive you can only look in the mirror. And here’s another secret: men have to go through the same god damn shark pool, though they don’t have tits to protect them from the evil overlords that decide whether you go up in ranks or don’t. They don’t have the power of quotas and cries on their side.

Our Biology is different whether you like it or not

There has been a sad development within female sports as they ruin it for themselves. Now, I have nothing against transwomen, yet, the unfair advantage they hold when faced with opponents that were born female is tragic, to say the least, as even this video can demonstrate. The fact is, Once you’ve gone through puberty as a male, you will most likely be physically stronger than any woman you face in your lifetime. The magic of testosterone gave you buff muscles to beat women in any physical activity you choose to do so. 

What does this mean for women’s sports then? Well, as more and more transwomen enter into the field, having born male and then transitioned, the ones born female will be stomped to the ground. Seeing as this is the case it’s no wonder some states have started banning trans girls from girl’s sports, as any decent parent would say, they want their children to succeed. To me, it is very much irrational to allow someone with three times your testosterone level to be in the pit with you. You will get your face bashed in with no questions asked. Men and women are biologically different, but that’s how nature intended it and the difference is beautiful.

But I give birth!

Well, I hope you don’t. If you are the kind of woman that thinks life just magically happens without the help of the other gender, you are way beyond my borderline depiction of delusional. This irrational claim that women suffer more because they bear children and whatnot has to stop. Having a child is more often than not a choice. And I would like to think it’s a choice we thought really hard about before taking it.

Life is a miracle of the two genders coming together, at least in the human species as well as many others. Neither one can do it alone. Are you wanting to fall back on the many facilities that provide a lovely medical insertion in you to get you pregnant? Guess what, that elixir of life was still donated by some gentleman. And you probably went through a process of checking possible candidates out before you agreed to take it in. Life is a dance for two. There is no way around it, and it is not an argument to make women superior in any way.


One of my all-time favorites in the equality discussion is that feminists don’t seem to be enthusiastic to take part in the male mandatory aspects of life, such as the military. They cry about the whole being a woman and having suffered enough on forums, claiming that their right is to not do so based on this suffering. What about men? Between a woman’s choice to get a child and a man’s forced responsibility to pick up their stuff and become a meatshield, which one has the advantage?

The army is not a place of privilege, yet women seem to enjoy theirs to no end. The lower requirements to getting in are hindering the fighting force. The private barracks, lovely hairstyles vs men having strict rules about their looks, the quotas making the actual fighters bitter and discouraged by the state of the countries defense. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against women in the army. But just as in any other crucial force, I would hope that they are the best of the best, not just fillers of a quota that got in because the standards were not the same across the board. Same fitness tests, common barracks, same demands for looks (I mean, in a fight that ponytail is going to get you killed), same qualifications, and most of all, same punishment for failure or other violations. 

Reason #4: Discrimination against women

Now, my understanding was that feminism advocates the freedom of choice in life for women. Why in the name of everything holy are traditional housewives not included in that sentiment? Why is my choice any lesser than the hard-core wanna-be office workers?

Too many comments I’ve read that claim that housewives are a disgrace to society and that they are bringing down the hard work of feminists. Are you serious? Equality went out the window when it became clear that some might want to choose to live with a loving husband that provides for them while they support the intricate co-existence by working the home. 

When the fanatics hide their bitterness in the cloak of the movement, they start thinking it’s somehow alright. And the more there are of them in a group, the worse it gets. It’s like a murder of crows, pecking eyeballs out of everyone who doesn’t think like the rest of them. Feminists that shun their own kind, women, based on the life choices they made, are the worst kind of people. This goes for any activist group that claims one thing and then degrades anyone that didn’t do it their way. 

Reason #5: They ruin society

The mixed messages of feminists are so convoluted and emotional that as a borderline I feel shame for some of them. It is not ok for you to be portraying your toxic feminine habits of gentle touches on a colleague while he does not get to do the same. It’s not ok for you to be demanding that a guy be a gentleman and buy you dinner, drinks, and a cab home if you are not willing to do the same. He deserves to be treated like a lady as well! You open the doors and start running after him because you like him but he plays hard to get for whatever twisted reason. Women, we are not entitled to anything anymore. Well, the extremist feminist plebs of the streets aren’t. Us ladies, we can get away with a little bit of wanting that gentleman class in our lives.

Men are men

And they should be able to be that without getting messed up in the head by everyone telling them that they are doing it wrong. I’ve seen the results of young men being raised by just their mothers and those that have been taught to be on the feminine level of emotional. Oh boy, it ain’t pretty to watch. Did you know that most kids in trouble have daddy issues? As in, they didn’t get to be with their fathers and lacked that masculine role model, which is talked about in one of the articles I found.

We need men. They need us. But we don’t need to be the same. I’d rather hope we will never be the same, it wouldn’t be a very pleasant world to live in since we thrive on variety. Plus the non-spoken dreamworlds of females fantasizing about men that are not manly in the traditional way are non-existent. I can tell you that as a woman, I love knowing that my husband is capable of staying strong and giving me his rational mind’s help when I am in the middle of an emotional storm. In my female fantasy and reality, the man by my side is a protector, not an emotional blob of a woman. Now, this may be that toxic masculinity that people talk about, but that’s another topic entirely. We are here to rant about feminism! 

Devalued marriage

By exercising their right to be free, feminists are making it so that they will have a very sad life later on. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that you, most likely, wouldn’t want to pair up with someone who has laid with half the town and keeps giving themselves away for the general public before and after they met you, just because they wanted to be free and experience life. Why would a guy do that either?

The more I see people bitching about how their boyfriends don’t want them to post half-naked images online for the whole world to see and how these guys are called out for being oppressive and terrible because of it, the more I understand why men don’t want to marry these women. Half-naked chicks of the internet, you demand respect and freedom, but where is your freaking respect towards your partner?! I bet if they were putting out their sexual selves for all the other girls to drool, you’d go ballistic. I know I would. Ain’t no man of mine going on the streets dressed up like a man on a hunt.

It’s no wonder that men don’t want to commit anymore. It’s like in that one legendary story about a woman dating a man, for ages, not giving anything much in return to the guy. Turns out she has an OnlyFans, you know, the infamous site where people get a bit freaky with their following. Well, the guy broke off with the premise that why should he spend hundreds of dollars on dates when she is giving away that flesh for five while demanding more from him.

I understand him. Like they say in Paradise PD: “Why marry the cow when you can plow the cow for free”.  And it seems more and more young women are starting to think that it’s the new normality. I’m disgusted by parents starting to brainwash their kids from a very young age to be ‘’free’’, and inevitably sexualizing them with mini skirts and bikinis. What fucking five-year-old needs bikinis and mini-shorts?! Just, stop it. And stop impaling your baby’s ears as well just because you think it’s cute. It’s a living, breathing being, not your personal plaything. 


Netflix, you corporate son of a bitch that wants money out of people and caters to those who buy, which would be women. Your algorithm has been corrupted by feminists too now, makes me sad. Where are my strong, masculine, epic male protagonists? Where are the movies that made sense instead of characters like Ray that have no hero’s journey? Why are boobs that are trying to be doing the men’s roles now a thing?

Ghostbusters, one of my favorites, got ruined by the weird female, woke version. Starwars lost me as a viewer because of freaking maternity topics around baby Yoda and Ray being a badass without any solid explanation of how she got there. Long gone are pictures like Mulan, where the chick actually had to go through the same shit as the rest of the men. 

Now I know this is more of a superficial reason not to be a feminist but god damnit they ruined my entertainment. I’m your typical white cis woman, it’s not appealing or believable to me what they try to portray women as in these 21st-century shows and movies. Thank heavens there’s still the oldies and goodies!

Feel free to rant with or against me in the comments!

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  1. Amethyst

    I’m not a feminist 100% but I’m in the middle. Certain things rile me up. I’m no waiting on my husband day in and day out wife. But to each its own.

    1. Maria

      May I ask what kind of things do rile you up? I’m glad to be able to be here for my husband, whenever he needs me. mind you he was extremely clear about what he wants from a wife. So, that brought with it the decision to be a housewife, knowing full well what that brings with it. I think clear communication about our wants and needs play a key role in match-making, so that in the future it won’t turn ugly unexpectedly.

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