My Writing plans for the future

Posted by Maria

Ambition is good, right?

Well, I have plenty, for the moment anyway. 

It’s never too late to start working on your dreams.

At the moment I am going through my old stories and translating them from Finnish to English so I can work on them in my primary language. After I have worked on them and get the confidence required I plan on starting to publish my stories as eBooks, the longer stories as their own publications, and the short ones as collections of writings. I will even have a publication of poems, as I have made so many somber scribblings and rhymings during my school days that it would be a shame to have them buried within the mountain of paper.

This will also require me to go through my handwritten content and store it safely in the clouds. And let me tell you, that task alone is enormous, all of my synopsis and character sheets and even some original stories and whole worlds have been memorized inside my notebooks and random pieces of paper.

While I am working on my old scripts I will also keep updating my Blog here at my website, once a week on Sundays because, you know, Sunday is the first day of the week for me now. 

One of these days I hope to replicate this kind of workspace! (I had the priviledge to chill out in a Villa in Italy in 2015.)

On top of that, I am brushing up on my writing skills and vocabulary, as well as my knowledge of various things by offering my translation services in Fiverr. I’ve had an interesting dive into the world of Fiverr and how it works, how people there might abuse you, and how hard it must be for someone who is searching for a trustworthy provider.

I am also working on some content things for my husband as he is thinking about starting his own company. Content is the king as we say!

I have some new and interesting projects as well that are related to VanaVerse and game making. And of course, some brand new book ideas that I need to work on too.

All of this is very much overwhelming and new to me, It will be a battle for the ages for sure considering that my attention span and motivation tend to be very much on the scale of a goldfish. 

This is the first time I am actually committing properly to my writing and wanting to bring it to the heights it was supposed to get during my lifetime. I’m one of the people that always got told to prioritize and to ‘’get a real job’’ or a backup job, that writing is a nice hobby but I shouldn’t invest all my time in it. 

Well. Thanks to my husband and the fact that I just am not able to work like the ‘’normal’’ people, here is my chance. 

It’s never too late to start working on your dreams.

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2 thoughts on “My Writing plans for the future

  1. Amethyst

    You write so well. You really are a professional at this. I can easily see all your books in stores, online, and everywhere. You’re so right, it’s not too late at all to begin whatever you’re trying to do. I just started my blog and I’m trying to be like you A PROFESSIONAL.

    1. Maria

      Oh my God, I wouldn’t even dream of calling myself a pro with my track record of on-off writing :O Thank you so much! I’ll be keeping an eye on you, we can both do it I’m sure… just need to find that infamous discipline from somewhere :’D

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