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The magical day when I got married and became Mrs. Vana. There are a lot of misconceptions about my beloved husband among the people which keeps causing me stress but in the end, our relationship is ours. And marrying this man was the best decision I have made in my life I would say! 

Now. Let me be honest for a second and tell you I am not in any way or shape the spitting image of a perfect wife. No way no how. With my borderline ailments, I’m pretty much the opposite already, and when combined with my lack of knowledge in the basics of how to be human, to begin with- I don’t envy Mr. Vana. 

Here is the thing though. Mr. Vana went ahead and told me that the only thing he requires is a housewife, someone to take care of him and the home, and the rest of the time the woman, me, can do whatever she pleases with the time bestowed upon her. Awfully chauvinistic some would say, I don’t see it that way though. For me, it gives the freedom I craved, paired with the support and love I need to chase my dreams and start running with my own feet again.

So what happened on the big day?

Well, nothing extravagant. Just us two, taking a simple wow to work for the benefit of the union and family in front of the public notary person. I loved the ceremony, to be honest, it was very much me in how they focus on the family and the people getting married, I’m not religious at all so all the Christian stuff would’ve been quite… out of my circle. Not to mention his the discord that has with his heritage. 

One thing we missed was my husband’s family. They are all the way back in Israel and have taken me in with a warm heart and open arms I never knew could happen in my lifetime. I mean, the in-laws being that warm is practically unheard of in my Finnish realm of how the family works. It’s always so cold and stiff, probably more about the image than actual love between fellow humans. I also wish my own family to be able to develop that warmth towards my husband despite our past quarrels. Sometimes things get messy and even the cultural differences can leave a huge gap in the will and want to understand something new and unknown.

After the ceremony, we went to have a proper Viking feast. I’m not kidding either! See I’ll show you! It was called the King’s Feast I think, and it came with a starter, main, and dessert. I haven’t had a meal like that ever in my life!

The Feast Starts!
The Feast Continues!
The Feast Ends!
Thank you Harald, for an amazing wedding feast!

After the feast we took a lovely walk through town and back to our apartment to spend some quality time together, all cuddled up and such. Days like this can be exhausting for me so I needed the rest and lucky for me my husband understands my ailments. 

It has been some time now since the day I became Mrs. Vana and I am still getting used to it. Sometimes I feel like this isn’t reality but then I look at this amazingly gorgeous man beside me and I can’t help but smile. This man chose me, chose to take care of me, and is doing everything in his power to help me be the best me I can be, and the healthiest. (I mean, he could sometimes be less of a sugarnazi but I suppose it’s for my own good.)

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  1. Amethyst

    You deserve all the happiness and love

    1. Maria

      Aww… thank you!

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