5 Habits to make your marriage stronger

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#1 Grooming

Yes, you heard me. Grooming, also known as maintenance.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of your husband gently and with all of his attention brushing my hair when I need it or sometimes just for fun. I wish he had hair sometimes so we could share this amazing sensation of skull massage!

Another thing we tend to do regularly (prepare yourselves it’s about to get weird for the most!) is that we take care of each other’s shaving needs. Yes ladies and gentlemen, just because you feel like your body is your territory and oh my goodness all the disgusting things that are related to its maintenance… Let your partner take care of you. 

Relaxing while your other half takes care of you is quite meditative and intimate. I mean, it’s not just everyone we let near us with any sort of sharp objects be it electric, babyproof, or anything else. And the more we do it the more we get to learn about our partner’s preferences and how much they put into every touch they give, just to make sure we can feel safe in each other’s care. 

Not to mention the benefits of having a nice warm shower with your partner with all that soap and shampoo involved!

#2 Food

While the habit of eating together is something we can all agree is an important moment to connect with one another and to wind down in the middle of a stressful day, it’s also the quality of the food that matters in my opinion. 

I am a firm believer that the better and more vibrant the food we offer to each other is, the better it’ll make us feel, and the better it will portray how much we care. For me, a plate that tells me how much effort was put into it beats pretty much all the restaurants out there. And trust me when I say, that plate can tell a lot about what we think about the world and the people we are offering our cooking to.

#3 Nails

Now ordinarily I would put this in with the grooming but as it stands this is such a huge deal that it deserved its own spot in the light.

Letting someone do your nails can be scary, or at the very least uncomfortable. This happens to be the case with my husband and so, I consider myself very honored to be allowed near his fingers and toes with my occasionally shaky and manic hands. 

When our main source of income is the tips of our fingers it is very understandable we don’t want them to get damaged. Lucky for me I have not yet completely destroyed my husband’s instruments of creation and destruction yet!

#4 Love

This is where it gets to the blushy point for people usually so prepare your hearts.

For our cold northern culture, this is not something that comes naturally to most, probably it doesn’t come naturally to most of the globe. But people, make love to each other. Preferably every day. Twice at least.

Nothing will give you more energy and motivation for your day than facing it with the smile of having just been so close, so intimate and so in tune with your partner. And of course, after a rough day what would be a better way to blow off that tension?

Now, I’m not forgetting those that are not as sexual as we are, this is fine too obviously! I am sure there are many, many ways to spend quality time that give us satisfaction and feeling close to our partner but for me and my husband, sex is what makes us truly connected.

#5 Quality time

In today’s world, it is sad how often we as couples sacrifice the time we could use to be with each other. We are so inclined to chase our own careers and are so in love with our devices and smartphones and tablets that it sometimes feels like nobody is even looking up from the screens anymore. I mean just look at a group of people hanging out in a bar, sitting around the same table, sometimes talking but mostly having their phones out and being hunched over them like it was the one ring to rule them all.

Put the devices down (unless you are a gamer couple like we are and find that co-op games give us a chance to get really in tune with each other) and talk with your partner. Go have a nice moment in the gallery that has an amazing new painter being illustrated. Build a Pc as we did on Valentine’s day. Or stare at a wall and come up with things wall-related until you get exhausted from the scent of paint you start to imagine in the air because wouldn’t it be nice to paint that wall a different color?

My point is, you can never spend enough time trying to get to know the people you love. To try and understand them and their world a bit better. So make an effort for the one you share your life with and give your mutual undivided attention to one another every now and again. It won’t hurt you I promise! 

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  1. Amethyst

    You told the truth here. Grooming is a must lol love this

    1. Maria

      It’s such a big deal too… Mr. Vana absolutely hates his tootsies being touched… o.o

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