Anniversary 2021

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On the 17th of January, we celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

It’s been a year since I Married my exotic husband, who came to the cold north to be with me and left behind the Sun of the middle east as well as his family, friends, and even the family dogs!

Sometimes I have my moments of doubt and paranoia, that fear almost: Why would someone do that? And especially why would they do it for someone like me?

My husband likes to answer (when he has the power to do so, trying to convince a Borderline Wife isn’t that easy at times) that he finds in me his best friend, his lover, his confidant, and his safe haven from all of the worlds bullshit.

I am honored to be all those things for him.

From my side, without getting too much into the favorite person mentality of “he is my whole world”, My husband is my inspiration, my shield, my legs when I can walk, and my eyes when I can’t see. He is the sensible, rational brain to my highly emotional and empathetic brain. During this year he has helped me move forward so many steps I didn’t even know I had in me!

To celebrate this true love of ours we decided to visit the place we went to have our wedding meal in, The Viking restaurant, Harald!

We didn’t take the King’s feast this time though, instead went for a special dinner for lovers.

They called it “Harald’s Lovepotion” in their menu and how adorable is it that the drink itself is even called “Red Love”! It was such a sweet way to start off our evening, this alcohol-free cider with a tint of rose color.

What I love about this menu is that it has things for both of us! While my husband isn’t fond of the malt bread, I loved it and could give him the beet-root bread. While I absolutely despise liver, I could trade in for the tarred herring he doesn’t like much. everything gets tasted and everyone is happy! And what’s more, the sallad came in a boat, a boat!

The starter came on a shield, this amazing assortment of things that we don’t typically eat in our everyday life. Other than the cold-smoked salmon we had a taste of tarred herring, reindeer liver, nettle gouda, and get this – bear salami! I mean, how often do you get to have some bear for dinner?

One of the best steaks I’ve had in my life! Wonder if the occasion colored my view…

For our mains, we had some petit tender steak, nothing too special though as I browsed the menu and saw the wine list it seemed like the sauce of the main course was made from a wine that was organic. 

The service in the “Village” was amazing, the staff’s uniform is like this old maidservants costume from the Viking times complete with the headscarves and, of course, masks to fend off our beloved pandemic. The whole restaurant is propped to the bring with wall paintings, drinking horns, swords, shields, logs for separators, and wooden furniture, as you would expect from a themed place like this. Even the door handle when you go into the restaurant is a sword!

Mr. Vana got to eat most of the chocolatecake and I took the challenge of the pancake upon myself! What was hilarious was that in the starter and dessert there was a dish with tree parts in them, while I loved the taste of the good ol’ evergreentree, my husband was more or less weirded out by it.

For dessert, we were offered this amazing assortment of chocolate cake, pancakes, this absolutely refreshing tree bark ice cream, and some slides like the berry mousse and apple jam. I had green tea and Mr. Vana had his latte, I would’ve taken coffee as well but they, unfortunately, did not serve decaf. All the sugar and excitement had got me to a point where had I taken a cup of coffee, I would’ve been flipping out for the rest of the evening.

All and all our anniversary experience was lacking nothing, we had each other, good food, and the mood lighting! And after the dinner was done, we came back home and played some Grim Dawn, talked, laughed, got tired, and cuddled up for the night.

Sometimes I may be tired mentally, but these days with my husband give me the strength to keep going.

If I can give you friendly advice – No matter how tough things are right now, allow yourself to rest and celebrate. It doesn’t have to be a special day like your anniversary, Sometimes we just need the reminder that we are alive, living and kicking and screaming against the freezing winds of life. 

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  1. Amethyst

    This is beautiful and eating bear I have to say oh yes

    1. Maria

      I can say the bear was not as strong as I thought it was… kinda thought it would be terrible after watching too much Silverfang xD

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