Becoming Mrs. Maria Vana

Posted by Maria

The short version would be that I met a guy in a game, he flew over and we were married within months. 

Crazy, right?

All my life I’ve got kicks from life like we all have I imagine. From traumatic events in childhood to abusing partners and friendships that ended with a figurative knife in the back, health issues, and troubles with the System and finding a job or just generally a direction in life. 

For a moment I felt I lost everything, had to give up my past life, my past self, my family, my everything to take this step into being Mrs. Maria Vana.

It was painful, but I know and see a lot of good things that came from it as well. I’ve had to learn (and am still learning) a lot of new habits and things and of course I need to unlearn some of the things I adopted in the past.

Mr. Vana has gifted me with a completely fresh start, a clean slate. He likes to remind me that whatever happened in the past I am now his wife, a whole other chapter. It’s ok to leave the shit behind and focus on the present. Open a new page, hell, open a whole other book!

I wasn’t the only one to leave things behind either. He gave up his life and family, his life savings to come to get me. I still find it unbelievable at times.

As lucky as I feel to have been graced with such a caring husband that wasn’t the end of the blessings. 

We managed to find a nice little one-room apartment in the heart of the city that fits us perfectly. Everything is a walks distance away and so we can comfortably keep building our nest, to evolve and develop our multicultural life. 

It seems to be easier for him than me, I am lacking in a lot of those ‘’wife qualities’’ that most other people cultivate through having to actually do them in their lives. My mental health and the bad habits I took with me for over a decade need to be corrected for me to be a happy, productive person for myself, for my husband, and for society, in the end, should I manage to get that far. 

As I took my first steps into being his wife I became braver, more motivated. I started going out with my husband, walking in the streets, and visiting places. Even talking to people! I started working on my dreams and what I love: writing and crochet, some cooking, and baking on the side because oh boy all three are like active therapy to me.

With my husband’s help, I’m learning how to be human again. 

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2 thoughts on “Becoming Mrs. Maria Vana

  1. Amethyst

    Love how he said whatever happened in the past, you are his wife now. I almost cried reading that. Mr. and Mrs. Vana I wish you two the best. As far as wife qualities as long as you and your husband are good that’s all that matters. I love the met and married quickly, sometimes you just know.

    1. Maria

      It was funny really, my husband later told me the story of he had already decided, I had no say in it xD We thank you, all the best to you as well!

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