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Why I did NOT pierce my ears

Posted by Maria

For ages, I had dreamed of one day getting my lovely lobes pierced and then carrying my grandmother’s heritage golden earrings on my wedding day. Since then I have not only misplaced the earrings (God I’m hating myself for that one) but I’ve also decided it was a good thing I didn’t go through with it.

Firstly, I’m petrified of needles of any kind, I don’t think that someone shooting one through my skin let alone doing the actual piercing would go down well with me.

I’m also terrified of the possible things that can go wrong with it. What if my holes get infected? What if the dangly bits get tangled into my hair or clothes? What if, as per usual, I can’t be bothered to maintain something like that and get backlash?

I also couldn’t be bothered going and finding a place to get it done, I mean, I have trust issues already,

why would I let someone I don’t even know touch me and puncture a hole in me?

If we leave my fears and issues aside, there is a very valid point my husband likes to remind me of: this body is the only thing we get, we should treat it with respect. Yes yes, I hear you, if poking holes at yourself make you feel better and prettier and prouder about you as a person, by all means, do it. I’ve just come to realize it is not what I personally require to be able to be, well, me. And to portray what I want to portray about myself to the outside world.  

I have since found that there are perfectly valid options for people like me who don’t like the idea of piercing that much, such as clip-on earrings. I found one pair in a local jewelry store and got them just for the sake of trying it out and I must say I will not be having piercings after that! 

And hey, they say that you can have the bold statement monstrosities dangling from your lobes without much stretch in the process too! Not that I endorse something so impractical.

I’m even planning to make some of my own earrings (and perhaps other jewelry) combining some basic crafts and my ever-growing crochet skills.

Now I will also put a warning here at the end for you:

If you are not used to the clips, be wary of them causing moderate pain to your lobe. 

They are meant to stay on, so the pressure can get to you quite easily in the end. For me, it takes a few hours to an evening out to start noticing that I’m carrying a constant pincher next to my face.

To me, however, it’s a small price to pay for not having to put a hole in my skin, especially since I only use earrings for those very special occasions.

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2 thoughts on “Why I did NOT pierce my ears

  1. Amethyst

    I like the blog, very informative.

    1. Maria

      Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

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