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I saw this concept on a blog I was reading one day and I’d like to borrow it, a sort of listing of goals for both their blog and personally for this year. Unfortunately, I lost the blog, otherwise, I would surely link it for you!

I feel as though putting my goals out there will help me remember them throughout the year, as you, my dear reader, are holding me accountable. Even in your silence, you will do so, since I gave you my plans and in essence, my word that I will try my damnest to make these things happen!

Thank you for being my accountability buddy!

Here are my 5 goals for my writing career this year:

1. Honing in on my niche

I set out to write this blog from a very scattered point of view, so many things I wanted to talk about! I’ve become a little bit smarter about it though and managed to separate myself into my Main topic and the Supporting topics.

My Main Topic will revolve around mental health, Borderline Personality Order especially, since that is the journey I am walking myself, and know very well. Within this topic, I would talk about my own journey with the disorder and how it affects my life and marriage. I will also share what I have learned in a more general fashion, talk about all things mental health! I’ve even planned to do some series about the different things I learn, such as the upcoming Life Trap series, where I talk about emotional locks and how the practices of the book I am following for the series work for me and how I experienced the journey. Looking forward to that!

The Supporting Topics will be about my married life, what it is like to be a housewife without children in a multicultural relationship, and love and relationships in general. I will also include some posts about my arts and crafts, about my writing journey, about topics related to the infamous System Finland and more.

2. Blogging Consistently

I aim to publish one post a week, on Sunday at 3 pm my time. Now I know this is not the ideal time to post but hey, it’s the first day of the week in this household! What a nice thing to do to start the week with a blog post!

On top of that, I want to start putting up bonus weekly posts about my supporting topics and life updates. It might be irregular at first but hang in there with me, it’ll get better!

3. Publishing my first E-Book

This one is the most exciting of them all!

This year I want to publish my first book as an E-book. I won’t talk about it too much now, I’ll just tell you that it is a passion project of mine, it has been sitting and waiting patiently for me to pick up the pen once more, and now it’s here in all its flora glory!

NBB Hype!

4. Building my audience

My goals for my audience are humble, I’m only at the beginning of my journey.

I’m already taking the first step, with the encouragement of my husband, and using the ads system on Facebook to get a bit of traffic to my blog!

Other than that, I would love to have 50 people on my mailing list, and a few hundred followers on my social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and LinkedIn.

This one will be the hardest goal of them all, I have some issues when it comes to hyping up myself to the world. Yay for that Borderline mentality!

5. Selling Crafts

This one is more of an oddball, not really writing-related at all but business none the less!

I would like to start selling my crafts in online stores like Etsy, send my keychains and hairpins all over the world together with some Print-on-Demand stuff that I have planned.

Now I know this post is about to get hella long but walk with me as I go to my personal goals for this year:

A) Having a daily rhythm

This is a super important one when it comes to my mental health and setting up the cornerstone of success for everything that comes later.

I want to be waking up in the morning, be able to work on my things and take care of the house and my husband before going to bed in a timely fashion that allows for a proper night’s sleep.

B) Having a cleaning rhythm

When it comes to being a housewife I’m not above admitting that currently, I’m very lazy and bad at some things, such as cleaning.

I’m hoping that together with my mental exercises I will be able to start doing the cleaning, including that pesky toilet scrubbing, in a more orderly and regular fashion!

C) Having a frequent exercise

I come from a background of swimming for about 7 times a week, when I was competing as a kid. That then changed into going to TaeKwon-Do 3 times a week and that then turned into nothingness.

The mental weight that has put on me is crushing, not to mention the physical literal weight I managed to gather during my decade of depressive inactivity.

My husband will surely help me here as well, he is a diligent trainer and health advocate!

I would love to go for regular walks and even train with my husband.

D) Daily mental training

Practicing DBT skills, CBT skills, meditation… All of these will be imperative on my way to managing my very much emotion wrecking personality disorder.

Doing this daily will help me keep calm and balanced, and whenever I neglect it (which I do way too much) my reactivity to things increases to its explosion points.

This will be very hard for me to do, as I struggle with motivation and the feeling of apathy and thoughts of the future being so grey and bleak that there is no point to do anything anyway. Sometimes the Borderline world can kick you to the ground and you won’t even notice before days have passed.

E) Mending relationships with family

When I ran off to marry my husband, my family was less than happy for me.

I have not seen my parents for more than a year at the time I’m writing this, and only for a little while have I managed to talk to them. The hard things I still have not talked about, I feel I will be judged.

While my parents are my main focus (I would love to be able to show off my absolutely gorgeous husband to them both!), I’ll also have to think about what to do with the more abusive members of the family as well as the relatives that I have successfully estranged from myself by being out of touch for the past decade.

I have been watching my husband’s relationships with his family and to be quite honest with you, I’m jealous of the bond he has with them. And the thing is, his family has taken me in with open arms, trying to constantly remind me that I’m a part of it too now.


For me,

It’s still an inconceivable concept, that any family could accept me for who I truly am.

So these are the Ten goals I’ve set my eyes upon for this year. As I follow through my life will be filled with adventure, heartache, triumph, and new beginnings all year round!

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