About the Author

The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that, things can only get better.

Stephen King

Maria Vana is a life long book-enthusiast, scribbler, and devoted to the creation of fantastically queer worlds in her writing. She has placed in the top 5 for several national writing competitions in the past, one worth noting being the Finnish Parliament organized competition “Black Swans – What will change the world next”. If you’re interested in the dystopian story in question, you may find it HERE, look for The Angel of Death by Milla Pyy, as she had a name change later on in life.

Mrs. Vana has been writing ever since she could hold a pen, her most notable educational experience being the two seasons she spent learning writing in the Critical Academy of Helsinki. She chases new knowledge passionately and is always having a course or a book in her regime to enhance her skills even further.

Maria currently resides in Finland and enjoys reading, playing, and talking about the deep secrets of the cosmos with her husband in their urban apartment.

In late 2020 she started a blog, The Manic Wordsmith, and writes weekly about mental health, life, marriage, and more.

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